3 Must-Read Crossovers you Could be Missing out on

3 must-read crossovers you could be missing out on

Any fan of any superhero whether that’s Marvel or DC will appreciate the release of a decent comic book with the spotlight on their favourite character, every so often the comic book writers will collaborate (Marvel and DC) creating a crossover between the different characters. When this happens, you’re usually guaranteed an awesome comic series.

I have compiled three of my favourite crossovers, check them out for yourself, you might just come up with your own favourites.

Avengers and JLA (Justice League assemble) Crossover


It’s nothing new that there’s been plenty of rivalry going on between Marvel and DC since the early stages of the comic book releases, and fans often pondered at the idea of having a DC character crossing over into the world of a Marvel character. I mean how great would it be to see Superman fight Thor with both of them effectively being gods? How about a battle between Iron Man and the Flash? Any of these combinations would be welcomed with open arms by fans.

It may have taken over thirty years of discussions but in 1996 the two comic book giants finally came to an agreement to actually make this happen. This is arguable one of the most popular comic book crossovers we have even seen, and you would have thought after all of the success that we might have since seen another variant of a DC/Marvel crossover but you’ll have to sit tight for now – it’s yet to happen unfortunately.

Batman Ninja Turtles Crossover


Only making an appearance within the last year, this mini-series is still relatively new but was a first ever for the alternate universes (and characters) to combine.

For those who haven’t had the fortune of reading this great series, you are in for an awesome read.

The Ninja Turtles franchise is normally aimed at a younger audience, but the combination of the Bat, the Turtles, Shredder, and the Foot Clan has made a prominent positive dent in comic book crossover history.

The main plot in short is the Turtles, Shredder and the Foot Clan being transported to an alternate universe (Gotham City) and needing to try and get themselves back. Batman is sceptical when he first encounters the Turtles but then works in an effort to get them back home – while fighting Shredder and the ninjas to stop their evil plans of course.

Superman and Batman versus Aliens and Predator mash-up


This one may not appeals to everyone if they aren’t fans of the classic alien movies, but because it features batman and Superman it’s definitely worth a read for the fans.

The story is set around a Predator ship that crashes in the South African Andes, Batman and Superman are circling to find a missing mountain climbing group, only to discover the Predator ship to team up against endomorphs and Predators prior to teaming up with the Predators to clear the alien invasion from both planets.

Prior to this crossover, Batman and Superman had previously been seen to have encounters with both the Aliens and Predators on an individual basis – but this was the first where all four of the franchises were seen in the same comic.
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