3 Stories of The Flash That You Need to Read

3 stories of The Flash that you need to read

With Barry Allen making his appearances on the CW shows right now, many of us have warmed to the story behind the red streak – but many will also be missing out if they haven’t read a decent portion of The Flash comic book series in previous years.

We’ve put together a list of must-reads for those who really want to get under the skin of Barry Allen and not just see what’s airing on TV today.


The Flash Flashpoint

Those who have been following the CW TV series will know that Geoff Johns is the guy behind some of the magic that is happening throughout the series – with Andy Kubert collaborating making the series a success. When Barry wakes up at his desk he quickly realises that his world has completely changed.

Barry’s loved ones are strangers, his family members that were previously dead are now alive, and some of his closest pals are very different to how he knows them, some are simply no longer around.

The world is on the brink of war, and the only heroes to help are Cyborg, SHAZAM, Secret 7, and the Outsider. The Flash needs to find the villain who altered the timeline, as time is seriously running out.

Crisis on Infinite Earths

The Flash Crisis on Infinite Earths

This comic is an absolute must for anyone taking a serious interest in Barry Allen and the DC Universe in its entirety – it’s a crucial series in the history of The Flash.

Although this is not necessarily cantered around only The Flash, the story by George Perez and Marv Wolfman tells the tale of how the DC Universe is under threat of being wiped away and heroes from the various Earth are assembling to defeat the Anti-Monitor.

This is one comic you should not miss nor forget, as it sees Barry Allen running so fast that he literally kills himself while also becoming one with the speed force.

This story is now part of a graphic novel, and personally I read it cover to cover within a very small space of time.

You truly need to check this one out, but no more spoilers will be provided from me!

The Flash Rebirth

The Flash Rebirth

If you are brand new to The Flash, or simply a fan of the current CW television series airing on TV then this series of comic books is a great place to start – even if you then read back through older comics to get to know The Flash a little better.

After many years it was thought that the Flash was actually presumed dead, this comic focuses on the re-introduction of The Flash into the DC Universe.

Like many of the other books in the Rebirth series (Batman, Arrow etc.) we are taken back to The Flash’s root origins and aspects of the Flash’s abilities like the speed force are explained in more depth, and if you’ve never heard of professor Zoom then you’ll also be treated to his back story as well.
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