5 DC Villains to Watch Out For

5 DC villains to watch out for

There’s likely to be a massive debate on who are the worst of the worst when it comes to the villains across the DC comics, the real truth is they’re all pretty bad but everyone has their own opinion on what makes a villain, well, a villain!

I’ve hand-picked some of my most memorable villains from the DC franchise and justified why they need to be watched out for.

The Joker – Name up for debate?

The Joker

Sometimes known as John Doe as no-one knows his real identity, the Joker made his first comic book appearance in Batman #1. We have seen an array of renditions of the Joker but his back story remains the same, with his Chelsea smile at the forefront of his story – at least it’s the first thing you see!

Known for his psychotic tendencies and serving several terms in Arkham Asylum, the joker always seems to find a way out by manipulating others. Although he normally sets out to defeat Batman he always seems to make this happen in the craziest way possible – lord knows what goes round in that head of his!

Seen most recently in his Suicide Squad appearance, we all know there’s a special place in his heart reserved for his significant other – Harley Quinn.

Deathstroke - Slade Wilson


Having a history with Oliver Queen before he became the Green Arrow was not a bad thing until an arrow was forced into Slade’s eye (hence the eye patch). From then on it was evident that this guy was out for revenge. Wielding a blade he is one of the most sought after assassins in the DC universe.

Slade put a blade right through Oliver’s mother so it’s wise to keep away from this guy.

Zoom – Eoabard Thawne/Jay Garrick


Who ever said The Flash was the fastest speedster in the world let alone the only one affected by the particle accelerator explosion? In a multiverse with several different worlds there is only room for one speedster, at least, only one that can clearly be named the fastest speedster.

Although Zoom’s main objective was to steal The Flash’s speed, he’s a villain that you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of. With the ability to dodge bullets, and vibrate his hands to high frequencies this one is a dangerous guy that could put his fist right through you.

Catwoman - Selina Kyle


Ok so Catwoman is probably not one of the most notorious villains on the list, but I personally think she’s someone to watch out for. She has a tendency to befriend people (Bruce Wayne as the prime example) and you hardly ever know whether she is on a team good or going over to the dark side.

Selina Kyle may look pretty hot in her skin-tight leather cat outfit, but don’t mistake that for a look of something positive going on, she’s definitely not to ne trusteed – and those claws, well they can be pretty deadly to say the least.

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