5 Facts About the Joker You May Not Have Known

5 facts about The Joker you may not have known


With his first comic book appearance in Batman 1 in 1940 this iconic villain is one that you would not mess with, let alone want to be caught in a dark alley with.

With his most recent appearance in the Suicide Squad movie, it’s debatable about who has played the best Joker part within the movies, but one things for sure – his back story is a fascinating one.

I have put together a few of the lesser known truths about the Joker – although let’s face it we’ll never really know the entire truth about this one!

The Joker

The Joker was almost scrapped

When the clown-faced villain first appeared in Batman number 1, he was straight away murdering innocent people whilst keeping a memorable smile on his face – oh and obviously leaving a joker playing card behind for all his victims.

Although the Joker immediately left a footprint, Finger (writer of the Batman comics) thought that he might be too well-matched for Batman making him come across as inept and therefore decided the Joker’s first appearance would be his last.

Whitney Ellsworth however quickly identified the potential for this memorable villain, and quickly brought him back to life with a swiftly drawn panel showing him imprisoned.

Phew! Who would want rid of the Joker!

 The Joker knows Batman’s real identity – but isn’t bothered

Although this is not mentioned anywhere in any comics, there is speculation by fans that the Joker actually knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman but does not actually care. Cutting off Alfred’s hand previously, as well as going after anyone close to Bruce or Batman has given fans the impression that it’s no secret of Batman’s real identity (to the Joker anyway), and merely sees the dangers he causes as a bit of a game.

Has the Joker actually got a safe spot for young Bruce?

The Joker

Judge Dredd versus the Joker?

It’s a common occurrence for the characters of DC to cross into alternate universes, and on one occasion the Joker slipped into a time fracture where he entered Judge Dredd’s universe. It’s no surprise that the Joker collaborates with judge Death (Judge Dredd’s arch enemy) in an attempt to cause terror around Mega City One, of course this doesn’t last long when Dreed swiftly puts a stop to it.

He killed Batman’s sidekick

No Alfred doesn’t count as a sidekick, I’m talking about Robin. In superhero history it’s uncommon for someone with such a big comic present to get killed off – but I guess the Joker was away the day that no killings were decided. 1989 saw the Joker tying up Robin in a warehouse and then blowing it up – he actually killed him off for good!

Harley Quinn wasn’t always in the comics

Obviously we know Harley as the Joker’s other half, but she was not always such a big part of the Joker’s life. She’s actually only been known to fans for around 20 years following her first appearance in Batman: the animated series in the nineties.

Dr Harleen Quinzel looked after the Joker in Arkham Asylum and then fell in love with him after becoming intrigued with his history.

She performed so well and got such a good response that the creators decided to keep her going.

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