5 reasons to check out the Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles crossover series

5 reasons to check out the Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles crossover series

There’s nothing more exhilarating than a superhero comic being a smash hit, especially when like me your favourite comic book appearances consist of Batman – except when they throw another bunch of heroes into the mix, well that’s even better.

An enticing read to say the least

Unless like the Ninja Turtles you come from an alternate universe you’d find each issue of the series leaving you on a cliff-hanger begging to read the next chapter. Without spoiling too much of the plot, in short the Ninja Turtles find themselves being transported to an alternate universe after a run in with the famous squid lookalike Krang, of course their arch enemy Shredder and the Foot Clan also get transported to complicate matters. I mean where better to get transported to than Bruce Wayne’s home town – Gotham City?

Batman meanwhile is puzzled when he hears reports of thefts all around Gotham by Ninjas (the Foot Clan) and inhuman activity involving the apprehension of said ninjas. Batman has the pleasure of an encounter with Shredder, but I’ll let you read the series to see what happens.

Let’s just say there’s an element of surprise, plenty of action, and a storyline that’ll keep you going until the end.

Stunning artwork pleases the eye

Aside from the usual POW! FIZZ! BAM! Visuals you would expect from any Batman comic, this collection offers so much more. There are a few surprise characters (sorry no spoilers happening here!) which have been perfectly depicted in the comic’s artwork, as well as the stubborn and angry emotions you would want to see all over Raphael’s face of course.

A never seen before series

One of the great aspects about owning (let alone reading) this awesome mini comic book series is the fact that it marks a historic one-off amongst comic books, that is, Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have never been featured together in any other comic books…ever!

Collecting the first prints could prove an investment

As any comic book fanatics will know, when a new comic is published and printed there may be several runs of the particular comic book printed i.e. if a comic sells well enough they may go through a fourth or fifth printing. It goes without saying that the first prints are the ones to try and get your hands on,

The first issue of this crossover almost felt like a pilot to see how fans would react to the comics, however the first issue wasn’t the one that really grabbed the readers – number two proved the harder issue to find (for a decent price), it became apparent this was one of the most popular reads of the series.

Collect some relatively good condition first print originals and you could be in for some serious moolah in years to come.

It’s a mini-series – enough said…

This collection of comics could be seen as quite positive or pretty negative depending on how the readers look at it. Personally my thoughts turn to the latter – there are only six issues of the series meaning lengthwise they are about the same page count per comic as any others out there, but the great thing is you can have the series summarized in 6 short feature-packed comics.

This is (likely to be) a one-off series, as well as the first of its kind with these characters, so I for one am pretty pleased to be able to binge-read the series in a short time if I wanted to. Not that I’m condemning series that run through hundreds of issues – my collection speaks for itself!

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