A Few Things They Don't Tell You About Batman

Here’s a few things they don’t tell you about Batman



Any real fan of Batman like me, may think they know it all when it comes to the masked crime-fighting vigilante – but there’s always something we may not have known. I have scoured the web combined with my love of comics to bring you a few of Bruce Wayne’s mystery moments.

Gotham City’s name came from a phone directory

Gotham City

Bill Finger – the writer of Batman, wasn’t too imaginative in terms of creativity when it came to thinking up a name for the city in which Bruce Wayne would reside. Bill stated that he literally opened up a telephone directory, closed his eyes, and pointed to a name within the pages – this resulted in him randomly placing his find on the Gotham Jewellers directory listing. Thus Gotham City was born!

Batman wasn’t always an imprisoner

Batman Murderer

The Batman we know and aspire to be today chooses not to kill his enemies unless he has no other choice to do so, instead he tends to get them a place in Gotham’s prison or send them to Arkham Asylum for the more mental villains of Gotham.

In his early comic book appearances however, the Bat would not hesitate to hang his victims from the Batplane, break their necks, and even shoot anyone who got in his way.

Into your learning? Well there’s a course on Batman

Batman Course

Yep you heard that right! If you’re fortunate enough to get yourself over to Canada, the Victoria University offers a college course named the Science of Batman. Check out the course description which reads ‘’the extreme range of adaptability of the human body explored through the eyes of the caped crusader.’’

If I’m ever in Canada I’d definitely get myself enrolled!

Bruce Wayne’s name is based on two actual heroes

Bruce Wayne Name Origin

Like many of us, I was under the impression that Bruce Wayne was just a fictional made-up character name that was created in the very first Batman appearances, turns out that a Scottish national hero named Robert the Bruce along with a hero of the American Revolution called Mad Antony Wayne provided the inspiration.

Those ears aren’t just to look pretty!

Batman Ear Weapons

When Dick Grayson appeared in the Bat costume his ears did a little more than just add to the look and feel of the suit – they were actually hidden weapons, this to me was an awesome concept. The ears allowed extremely sharp projectiles to be fired, cutting through almost anything in their path.

So where did the inspiration come from?


When we think of superheroes, both old and new ones that we’ve never heard of, do we ever stop and think where the idea for the look and feel of the hero comes from? Well a little unknown secret is that the inspiration for the Bat’s appearance came from Dracula, Zorro, and The Shadow.

A howling crossover

Dark Claw

Back in a 1996 comic which combined both Marvel and DC, Batman and Wolverine actually merged together to create an entirely new character named Logan Wayne – or Dark Claw when in costume.
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