Captain America Stories that You Need to Read

Captain America stories that you need to read

Captain America

If you are not a Marvel fan then this one is not for you, me personally though, I love both DC and Marvel superheroes – and anyone with a shield they can use as a Frisbee gets my vote.

It’s no secret as to where Steve Rogers got his awesome abilities from, but aside from the recent movies starting with the First Avenger, Captain America has a real history that came with the comics long before he was seen on the big screens.

Fans will all have their own opinions on which comics told the best Captain America stories, but I thought I would share a few titles which I feel need a mention.

Captain America #109

Captain America 109

In my opinion the story told by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee is one that is best described as a primary issue, those who have seen the First Avenger movie will know how Steve Rogers bulked up following many attempts to get a place in the US Military. It’s no secret that Steve Rogers was dosed with a super-soldier serum which immediately provided him strength, agility, as well as an ability to handle pain unlike anyone else.

The great aspect of this comic is that it retells a familiar story, whether you know Captain America’s background or not.

Captain America - Man Out Of Time

Captain America Man Out of Time

Mark Waid and Jorge Molina brought the second of two stories within this countdown, where Captain America chooses to sacrifice his own life for the sake of his nation. It’s several decades later that he finds himself alive and in a new America that he hardly recognises. He only realizes the true meaning of sacrificing his life when he meets a few heroes that he inspired following his death.

Although the Captain is back, the fact that Bucky – his friend partner is still dead. Cap may just have the means necessary to go back in time to save his life, but the Avengers have to do all they can to stop him doing so – for the sake of the time stream.

This is truly a great read for any fan of the Captain, make sure to check it out!

Operation Rebirth

Captain America Operation Rebirth

Following a few unsuccessful attempts to bring the star-spangled captain back to life (after the failed attempts to update him), Mark Waid took the driver’s seat in an effort to remind readers that Steve Rogers was one of the more unique superheroes and not just a soldier possessing a shield.

The Death of Captain America

The Death of Captain America

Ed Brubaker totally surprised fans with this one that ended up being almost a decade running series, explain how important Steve Rogers was in the Marvel superhero world and how he had influenced those around him.

Aside from this aspect of the plot there was an America that had been divided at the seams, in this new divided nation it was portrayed how easily old villains could exploit the world as we know it in the absence of captain America.
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