Character Spotlight: New Mutants

Out with the Old, In with the New Mutants

New Mutants

              We’re now in the closing month of 2017’s first quarter and it’s become clear as day that a New Mutants movie is coming from Fox 2 years after its initial announcement. I, for one, think this is a pretty good – bold even – move for Fox to opt for a New Mutants film. Although I understand why, considering that not much time has passed since the last installment in the latest trilogy featuring the main X-Men characters came out, so it’s only right for the studio to keep the ball rolling for their Marvel Comics-based franchise, unless they want Marvel Studios making moves to get the mutants back to their court. On that note, let me reiterate: it’s not a bold move for Fox to option and subsequently produce a New Mutants film; it’s all par for the course, given that the New Mutants have a considerable fan base with pretty well-known characters. Plus, it affords them the chance to yet again take a shot at expanding their growing cash cows, what with the success of the Deadpool movie. And hey, if that doesn’t pan out, there’s always the safety net that is the X-Force movie coming out in a few years or so.

              So, to the uninitiated, who exactly are the New Mutants? Well, normal people who have better stuff to do than obsess over pop media products, allow me to give you a brief introduction to what they’re about.

New Mutants

              First of all, they were created by iconic X-Men writer Chris Claremont along with artist extraordinaire Bob McLeod in 1982. Their first appearance was in the fourth graphic novel in the Marvel Graphic Novel series, with the team’s name bearing the title of that book. Soon after, they would gain enough popularity among readers that Marvel launched an ongoing series based on the team, which ran up to a hundred issues. After the series’ conclusion, its team members remained a staple in the mutant corner of the Marvel universe.

New Mutants

              As for its members, the original line-up consisted of young recruits to the Xavier school, namely Cannonball, Mirage, Sunspot, Karma, and Wolfsbane. However, as the series went through its 8-year run, more characters who would go on to make a name for themselves were subsequently introduced, with some even becoming bigger than the New Mutants themselves. For one, Deadpool and Cable’s first appearances could be found in the New Mutants books, just right before Rob Liefeld turned it into the X-Force. But aside from those two golden geese, perhaps the best known character to have come out of New Mutants would be Legion, whom Fox just made a TV series out of (although to be honest, the show just has a very marginal link to the comic book version of the character, which makes it even better).

              Right now, all we can do is wait before the movie comes out, but I’m guessing we’ll all be lining up to theaters and wetting ourselves once we see the characters onscreen, critics be damned.


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