Character Spotlight: Some Interesting Facts about Spider-Man

Spiderman facts that you need to know about



We all know the age old story of Peter Parker, how he was raised by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben, and how in all of his appearances he has been pretty puny in terms of his physical appearance and his confidence. After he gets bitten by a spider possessing a radioactive venom he starts to gain spider-like abilities and becomes Spiderman.

What you might not know however is some of the lesser known secrets of young Peter Parker, without further delay we’ll delve into what these facts have to say about the guy we call Spidey.

Peter’s parents were undercover spies

Spider-Man's Parents were Spies

 In both the comic and movie appearances of Spiderman it has been an under-explored subject of the actual identities of peter parker’s parents – Mary and Richard Parker.

All that is normally given away is the fact that Peter was put into the care of Aunt May and Uncle Ben as his legal guardian, but his parents rarely get a mention.

It was revealed that Peter’s parents were actually a pair of undercover spies in the sixties, and then explained further that the pair were members of S.H.I.E.L.D, in the nineties. The two were part of the group to take down the group led by Red Skull, but then their plane was tampered with which then leads on to the story that we all know of today.

  Peter was not the only Spidey

Miles Morales as Spider-Man

No one can argue that Peter Parker is without a doubt the definition of the ultimate Spiderman, although this is true there have been a few others in history who have taken the role of Spidey.

In one storyline Doc Ock took complete control of Peter’s body and got into his suit, believe it or not while under the mask he actually carried out some pretty heroic acts, doing good rather than anything a little more malicious.

Anyone with a knowledge of comic book history will know about the more popular Spiderman alternative Miles Morales. Peter is confirmed dead in an alternate universe – the Ultimate Universe, where Morales takes his place as a Black Latino Spidey. Fans hoped that we might see other appearances of Morales replacing Peter as Spiderman – but you’ll have to sit tight for now!

With great power comes great responsibility

Spider-Man Great Power

This famous quote was muttered by Uncle Ben at the penultimate moments before his death, and he couldn’t have said anything more relevant to Peter.

As the story goes, Peter gained his abilities from the radioactive spider and used his abilities to perform as a wrestler before considering the super hero approach. At the arena where Peter fought, a thief robbed the arena and Peter let him get away with it.

Uncle Ben was then shot by a burglar, but when the police department communicated the burglar’s whereabouts Peter then realized that it was the same thief that he let off the hook, and handed him over to the police to serve justice.

It was following this that Peter decided to become a hero and fight crime – so you could really say that Uncle Ben created Spiderman.

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