Comics from a Galaxy Far, Far Away 01: A New Hope
It’s been more than a month or so since I reviewed Star Wars: the Last Jedi. And, if you’ve been following my posts – or at least have chanced upon that particular entry – you’d know that I’m part of the group of people who happen to not have a neckbeard and dorito dust around my lips, which means I liked the movie. At this point, I think the word “like” is now a bit of an understatement; The Last Jedi not only rekindled my interest in the franchise, which if I were to be honest wasn’t that big at all, but intensified it to some degree. Because if you remember, the last time I wrote about Star Wars (the review I just mentioned), I told you guys and gals how I was more or less a ever only familiar with the franchise.

At the time I wrote that review, I’ve read a few of those Dark Horse series from the franchise before it was bought by Disney, whose titles I don’t even remember, namely the one featuring Cade Skywalker and the other one about the early days of the Jedi (who were called Jeda’ii back then). However, since the month that I wrote that article about the last Jedi, I slowly and gradually got pulled into the whole Star Wars trap. So, who’s the gullible little sucker? This guy. But hey, I ain’t complaining.
To be specific, since the time I came out with The Last Jedi review here, I have read four volumes of Marvel’s Darth Vader series, six volumes of their Star Wars series (the one by Marvel, bridging A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back, not The Star Wars, the one based on Lucas’ draft), the Lando Calrissian limited series, Star Wars: Darth Maul, Star Wars: Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir, and a few loose issues of the comics they’re publishing right now. I’m pretty sure I also got to read a book featuring C-3PO somewhere there, but my memory tends to not serve me well at times.

So, why am I even telling you all this? Well, the answer is pretty simple: starting right now, I’ll be coming up with a series of articles revolving around these Star Wars comics that I just mentioned (and more, as I go along). Hopefully, I can do up to 8, but I won’t hold my breath for that one. Let the Force run its course and we’ll see where it’ll take us.
Having said all that, I want you people to prepare yourselves for some material that comes not from a hardcore fan/insane person that likes to duel with lightsabers on the street, but from a guy who has just only been introduced to the relatively extended universe of that galaxy far, far away. And no, don’t expect me to read the novels revolving around the expanded universe; I still want to keep my sanity, after all. So, I’ll see you here next time when I talk about the first series I’m going to review: Darth Vader.
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