Comics from a Galaxy Far, Far Away 05: Star Wars: DJrbd
If you thought I was going to renege on my plan to renege on my planned 8-article series on Star Wars comics, then you’re utterly wrong… for now. Hey, I could always get bored and drop it any day I like. In the meantime, though, I just read the latest of one-shots produced by Marvel Comics in their Star Wars funny book franchise entitled Star Wars: DJ: Galaxy’s Most Wanted (I may be wrong about the exact wording of the title, but I’m too lazy to Google it. You get the gist, and that’s enough for me).

A DJ1.jpg
So, who the hell is DJ and what kind of Star Wars name is “DJ”, even? Shouldn’t names in the franchise sound weird and exotic like Blookord TardNugget or Tommy Wiseau? In any case, DJ is one of the more noticeable new additions to Star Wars ever growing list of merchandise fodder, who was introduced in The Last Jedi. Now, I say “more noticeable” because I can’t really determine if the character has reached breakout status yet. Regardless, though, seeing Benicio Del Toro onscreen is always a damn treat, and all you disgusting naysayers better feel glad about it. So, going back to DJ, the character is that con man who also happens to be a code breaker that Finn and Rose ultimately had to go for in order to break free from The First Order’s tracking systems. And, in the end, the bastard did a total 180 on the Resistance because, come on, what the hell did you expect? The guy’s a f*cking con man.
Now, the comic book that was recently released by Marvel centers on the character and absolutely does nothing to explain how Dj ended up in that casino prison in the first place, much less what the hell is the deal with the guy wearing that broach is all about. Still, it’s a decent enough read if you like the character. Of course, you might defend this comic by saying that it provides some backstory to the DJ property, and to that I say get your head out of your ass. This one-shot does exactly the same thing to the property the way the movies did: prove that he’s a freaking con man. Aside from that, all I found in the comic was some serviceable artwork that thankfully doesn’t go too much for photorealism and some mediocre dialogue that, in my own opinion, does too much before getting to the point.

A DJ.jpeg
So, would I recommend this comic? As I said, only if you like the character. If you don’t or if, at least, you don’t care for it, then I say you should start somewhere else. I suggest you go with the Darth Vader or Star Wars series, or at least the Storms of Crait one-shot. But hey, even if I didn’t like this comic, the DJ property’s comic book portrayal is still miles away in terms of quality compared to Dr. Aphra. Eew, Dr. Aphra. Just die in space already.
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