Episode Spotlight: Flash S03E15 The Wrath of Savitar

So who’s Savitar?

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                (Haven’t seen the new episode of CW’s Flash yet? Spoilers ahead!)

Another week of the Flash and they’ve started to amp things up by going back to the Savitar problem Barry and the whole team are up against. And if I may add, the Flash is doing a great job when it comes to pacing this season’s stories; this year’s Arrow could learn a lot from the Scarlet Speedster’s solo show. In the previous installments, we see team Flash trying to alter current events that might – and that’s a hard “might” – change the future, thereby saving Iris from the hands of the speed god, Savitar. The current episode, on the other hand, directly deals with the season’s main antagonist, and it seems Mr. Allen and the whole gang is going to be placed between a rock and a hard place in the coming weeks, especially now that the prodigious Wally West may be out of commission in the foreseeable future. Really exciting stuff.


Enough about that for now, though, and let’s talk about who exactly this purported speed god is. Now, despite what you might think, Savitar is actually a villain that has his roots in the comics; he’s not a TV-exclusive created especially for the show. And if you haven’t heard of Savitar before you saw him on the CW series, we’re not going to blame you: he’s a B-lister at best. To be completely fair to the character, though, he has a lot of potential to be one of the Flash’s most notorious villains; we just need the perfect creative team (if you ask me, the Francis Manapul-Brian Buccellato would be perfect for this). Making his first appearance on the pages of Flash #108 in 1995, Savitar was created by writer and living legend Mark Waid during his much acclaimed tenure as the Scarlet Speedster’s scribe – he introduced a lot of the aspects in Flash mythology that we know today, such as the speed force, for one.


In the comics, Savitar is a speed fanatic much like those cultists we see on the TV show, not the speed god he claims to be. Then again, we still have several episodes to go, so we don’t really know if this season’s main villain is indeed this speed deity; for all we know, CW could just be leading us on. Either way, I’m in! If the producers of the show choose to go with the character’s origin, though, we’ll find out that he gained his speed more or less the way Barry did: being hit by lightning. And although we don’t know much about the show’s Savitar just yet, it’s clear that they did a total redesign for the character compared to his comic book counterpart. You see, the original Savitar dressed like a cross between a member of one of those 80’s hair metal bands and the Village People. Suffice it to say that it’s hard to take his appearance seriously. CW’s version, however, opted for this design that looks like a Michael Bay reject, which is really a compliment when you think about it.

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All in all, Savitar has a lot of potential, and it’s great that the CW is doing what it’s doing with the character.
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