Episode Spotlight: Flash S03E18 Abra Kadabra

Presto Change-o

(If you haven’t seen this week’s Flash episode, then make like a magician for now and disappear. Spoilers ahead!)

                Hey there! We’re now well into the tail end of this season’s Flash as tensions escalate for Barry and the whole gang in order to save Iris from her potential grim fate, which will come to pass in July. Speaking of waiting for something to happen, if there’s one thing I absolutely hate more than midseason breaks, it’s those dead weeks where no episode airs for consecutive times. And that’s exactly what will be happening starting next week: the Flash will return on April 25, which is probably a decision made by the CW in order to match up the events from the show with the real-world. Talk about art imitating life, eh?

The Flash

                In any case, this week’s episode, in all honesty, missed the mark by sidestepping what could have been an opportunity to further give Savitar some screen time. But then again, the graphics budget for this season may be to blame for the main villain’s rather sporadic appearances (it isn’t cheap animating that giant speed god, after all). And although the season did address Savitar in a very marginal way, it’s just too lackadaisical an effort: it just didn’t add anything to the big bad’s background.

                If we’re being fair, though, this is probably just another network tactic to keep us on edge until the Flash’s inevitable return to our screens next month. Plus, there’s the Caitlin Snow yarn, which all came to a head in this week’s episode. I’m actually looking forward to that more than the main storyline.

The Flash

                Now, despite its overall underwhelming plot, this week’s episode of the Flash still had its good points. First of all, it’s always a joy seeing David Dastmalchian onscreen. You might not be all too familiar with him, but he’s what I would say the epitome of “that guy you saw somewhere on that movie/show.” Seriously, though, I love seeing this guy act, and I’m happy he’s getting new projects ever since he played that psychotic mute on Chris Nolan’s the Dark Knight (blessed be the trilogy); he’s also on Ant-Man: you know, that guy from the Three Wombats who’s afraid of gypsy magic; and most recently, he did a guest spot on Gotham.

                In his role as Abra Kadabra in this week’s episode, though, he acted the crap out of that C-list villain; he just has a knack for portraying mentally unstable, sinister yet endlessly appealing characters. Now, if you’re wondering who this villain is exactly, he’s actually been around ever since the Silver Age. Created by the legendary John Broome and Carmine Infantino, Kadabra debuted within the pages of The Flash #128 in 1962. Additionally, his back story from the funny books doesn’t differ that much from what the TV show did.

The Flash

                 Okay, we have three weeks to go before the next episode of the continuing saga of the scarlet speedster returns, and it looks like it’s going to be one heel of a ride basing on the previews. April 25 can’t arrive any faster!
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