Episode Spotlight: Flash s03xe14 Attack on Central City

Cisco and Gypsy: Flash’s Vibers


                Although this week’s episode of the Flash concludes the two-part story arc surrounding the always outrageous yet endlessly entertaining Gorilla Grodd and his army of armored simians, they weren’t really given much screen time. On the other hand, it’s actually a great thing, as the CW was able to place the spotlight toward Francisco Ramone and his new love interest, Cindy Reynolds, a.k.a. Gypsy. Now, you might be already familiar with who the former is, given that he’s been on the Flash since season 1 – and, admittedly, has made the Vibe character exponentially more interesting than his comics counterpart –, but there may be a couple of things you may not have known about the CW’s Flash’s inter-dimensional breach-opening, nickname-giving clairvoyant.


                All right, so to start with, Cisco Ramon has been around for quite some time now. He was a character that first appeared in the Justice League annual from 1984, penned by the legendary Gerry Conway and drawn by artist Chuck Patton. Appropriately, and perhaps this is why the show has been setting up the romance between Cisco and Cindy, Gypsy first appeared on the pages of that same issue (we’ll ghetto her later, though.) You see, the original incarnation of Vibe was, to say the least, not well received; he was depicted in such a way that made fans cringe and be offended at the stereotypes he portrayed while making Conway and Patton look like they didn’t have any idea what they were doing. It was a failed attempt at introducing a new character, is what we’re saying. And if you don’t know what we’re talking about, suffice it to say that Vibe can be described by these 3 words: Latino, gangbanger, breakdancer. Not soon after, the Vibe character was killed off and remained absent from the DCU until Geoff Johns reintroduced him during the New 52 initiative in 2013 (he also appeared as a very minor zombified version of himself in 2011’s Blackest Night). The thing is, CW’s Vibe borrows heavily from the New 52 version of the character when it comes to his power set; back then, he was more of a seismokinetic than an inter-dimensional traveler.

Flash Gypsy

                What’s more interesting, though, is what CW has been doing with Gypsy because the character bears nearly no resemblance to her comic book counterpart. In the comics, Gypsy has suffered the fate that is almost as worse as Vibe. In her case, though, she’s become more of a background character that artists draw in whenever there’s a need for a crowd shot despite achieving some mild success in the latter part of the 80’s. Come to think of it, calling someone “Gypsy” is somewhat offensive. But what do I know? Going back to her powers, though, her comic version is actually more akin to the mystical side of the DCU; she’s a spellcaster that has the ability to create illusions and invisibility, not to mention a degree of clairvoyance. The CW, however, is fully embracing their sci-fi roots with the Flash by making her a meta-human just like Cisco.

                I’m not complaining, though. I think it’s splendid what the Flash is doing to these characters.
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