Episode Thoughts: Legion S01xE05 Chapter 5

Where is my Mind? (Or, Legion’s Latest Episode)

                (Spoilers ahead, child of the atom! Come back here when you’ve watched the episode.)

                Whoowee! This week’s episode of FX’s Legion was a doozy! And yes, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this is one beautiful series. In fact, I have to say that I am absolutely with this series right now – although to be completely honest, I can’t say I’m in love with it yet. Let’s wait until the whole season wraps up first. And this episode just makes that feeling all the more apparent: it has revelations, great action sequences, and really wonderful characterization for its main players. Although to be fair, the plot is moving a bit slowly. Then again, a slow burn is different from a sluggish pace, and Legio is proving to be a case of the former, which is great.

Legion Lenny

                All right, let’s start with the only, miniscule problem I have with the series, its pacing. We’re five episodes in, and there’s still the question of what this “war” Melanie’s Summerland school is all hyped up about and what the shady Division 3 exactly wants with our unstable protagonist. To e completely fair, though, I think I only see this as a negative point of the show because I’ve been so used to the more or less usual and almost instant gratification of the formulaic approach of shows like Arrow, the Flash, and Supergirl have (you know, that whole villain of the week deal). With that mentioned, even the creeping narrative of Legion’s plot makes the series all the more distinct amidst the whole superhero craze of our times, which makes it even more of a show to get hooked on.

                This week’s episode picks up shortly after the events of last week’s – which, by the way, was a stellar installment featuring one of my favorite comedian/musicians ever, Jemaine Clement as Oliver Bird: Melanie’s husband. The current episode, on the other hand, finally gives us a solid idea of what the Demon with Yellow eyes really is, beyond Oliver’s passing comment about it being a simple “parasite”; it is possibly an old mutant akin to Apocalypse or Namor that’s been plaguing David all his life. Apart from that, we find out that Lenny and all the other “characters” inside his mind are actually just one entity that is more than likely symptomatic of this psychic parasite living inside him (I say “more than likely” because this show could always pull the rug right from under us).


                And, oh my, this is the first time we get to see the extent of David Haller’s mutant abilities. Forget Prof. X. Forget Scarlet Witch. Man, you can even forget about Jean Grey. David has all that and more, and it is intimidating as all hell!

                Finally, what makes this show stand out is the way it’s able to give voice to almost each and every character appearing on it. Motivations are revealed in this episode, which could prove to either be a problem for our motley crew of radicals down the line. I won’t give away too much, of course. I sincerely urge you to watch it!
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