Franchise Spotlight: Star Wars

Beyond Vader: The World of Star Wars Comics

Star Wars Comic

              If you’re not familiar with Star Wars, then it’s either you’re a baby – a literal human who’s just come out of his mom’s hooha or, I don’t know, a cryogenic vat or something – or you’re some weird time traveler from 19th century Papua New Guinea who just got here today (no, you’re not and never will be Steve Rogers, you drooling turd). In any case, Star Wars is so famous that it has pretty much formed a culture around it. And of course, thanks to the new movies, it has reached a level of popularity right now that has not been seen since Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, James Earl Jones, Carrie Fisher (bless her soul!) and the whole cast and crew from a galaxy far, far away made the first trilogy in the ancient times, also known as the 1970s and 1980s. Since then, Star Wars has become synonymous with science fiction adventure. However, that whole property does not end when the ewoks started to dance or when Ewan McGregor finally left that whiny little asshole Anakin roasting in his own juices. Between then and the current ongoing adventures of Rey, the franchise has actually kept itself alive and kicking by invading other media, too. One of those is, of course, comic books. Apart from the prose novels and storylines from video games, you’ll pretty much find the bulk of Star Wars lore in the funny books. Now, I won’t be going through all of the titles, adaptations or otherwise, that are set in the Star Wars universe; that would be too much for a single blog entry. I will, however, talk about a few and the details behind them, which you could go look for yourself to enhance your nerd credibility (but I strongly suggest you just take up sports or alcoholism instead of this. Okay, maybe not alcoholism.)

Star Wars Comic

              Since the first movie came out, there have been a number of Star Wars comics that has been released by pretty much two companies. Originally, the license for the franchise belonged to Marvel, where they first did a comic book adaptation of the movies before delving into stories set in between the installments or shortly after Return of the Jedi. However, it was during when Dark Horse Comics acquired the rights to the property that the whole Star Wars universe finally became expansive.

Star Wars Comic

              During the time that the publisher owned the rights, they published numerous ongoing and limited series that not only revolved around the characters we see in the movies, but also ones that were specifically made for the comic. And these could make any fan pop a lightsaber in their jeans or wet their sarlacc pits through their skirts. For one, there’s Knights of the Old Republic, which is set a few thousand years before A New Hope: a series that details the adventures of the Jedi of old. If you want to go farther than that, then read Dawn of the Jedi. That one’s set about a couple ten thousand years before the movies, even before there was a Jedi order. You can also read titles about Luke Skywalker’s descendant Cade Skywalker, but I’ll leave that up to you.  

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