Is this WB’s Time to Bask in the Sunlight like Superman?

Is this WB’s Time to Bask in the Sunlight like Superman?

Wonder Woman

              After four years of what felt like a very rocky road for its publisher and parent company, the whole DC Extended Universe, which is what we could say is Warner Bros.’ efforts to keep up with what Marvel Studios is doing with the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), is finally starting to have things going for it critically. With the reviews coming in for Wonder Woman being positive, I think we could now say that perhaps DC has finally found the right footing when it comes to their approach with cinematic adaptations of their iconic heroes. Although if I were inclined to believe what one critic said about the Wonder Woman movie being “as good as the first Captain America” movie, I would have to disagree.  Wonder Woman blows it out of the water. I mean, come on, the first Captain America movie was good, but it is far from what its sequels did to the franchise. Still, I’d have to say I have some hope for Wonder Woman and the whole DC Extended Universe yet. Come to think of it, too, DC and the WB had the cards stacked up against them considering that Marvel had about half a decade of a head start with their own franchise; DC’s Zack Snyder-heavy influence on their movies didn’t help either. When I look at it, the sheer amount of feature films that Marvel had already made tons of money on since the first Iron Man movie has made DC the true underdog in this rivalry (on a side note, I really can’t believe that it has been about ten years since we saw RDJ don the red and gold armor). It is true: DC entertainment and Warner still have to strive for that A-game if they want to at least have a cinematic superhero universe half as lauded as their rivals.

Jack Nicholson Heath Ledger

              I know what you may be thinking: maybe you’re of the opinion that perhaps DC will never be able to reach Marvel’s lengths when it comes to building a franchise. To that, though, I say you’re probably not giving Superman and company their due. Keep in mind, DC pretty much ruled the big screen right until the Avengers came to theaters, and that’s within a span of thirty years or so, right from the first Superman movie. 

batman vs superman

Right now, I think the whole point to Warner Bros. and DC’s attempts isn’t really to make something groundbreaking; Marvel already did that with their own franchise. Instead, I think they’re sort of just riding the whole wave/craze here, which when you think about it is going pretty well for them. After all, despite the horrible reviews their recent DCEU releases have received, they still made ridiculous amounts of profit.

Justice League

Regardless, the upcoming Justice League movie has a lot to live up to in terms of critical reception. But, if nerds are any indication, I’m pretty sure they’ll be more than willing to shell out the price of admission for it.

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