The Time to get Wonderful is Now: A Wonder Woman Movie Review

The Time to get Wonderful is Now

Wonder Woman Movie

              I’m going to be honest with you: I really was skeptical up until the moment I saw the end credits of Warner Bros’ movie based on iconic DC Comics property Wonder Woman roll, and this is in spite of all the hype and acclaim it has received from critics and insiders alike. Hey, you could say I was just totally used to that whole Zack Snyder – no, I won’t be ragging on the man. Come on, a tragedy just struck him, you despicable piece of sentient trash – motif the DC Extended Universe has opted for that I really didn’t expect much from Gal Gadot’s first solo outing as Princess Diana of Themyscira. Thankfully, though, this is one of those times where I was happy to have been wrong. There’s no better way to put it: Wonder Woman is that much needed shot of adrenaline Warner Bros. and DC Comics needed for their whole superhero franchise that has been teetering on the edge (in terms of quality) up until now. Finally, DC and the WB have come up with a movie that doesn’t have so much of that horrible, horrible saturated color palette and featuring a moping conflicted killing machine for its main character.

Gal Gadot

              To start it all off, Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman. No, she doesn’t play the character; she is the character. Her portrayal of the goddess, warrior, and princess all rolled into one gorgeous package that is more than enough to make those fat, sweaty, idiotic neckbeards crawl away from their parents’ basements and perhaps go find a job or something (that is, if they don’t end up touching themselves after getting back from the theaters like the filthy sub-humans they are).

Wonder Woman

              It’s especially wonderful (no pun intended) that the Wonder Woman character here was written less like a man-eating, gung ho, frothing-at-the-mouth female zealot than a levelheaded albeit naïve fish out of water, and this says a lot about how great the movie is: it captures what Wonder Woman stands for.

Chris Pine

              As for the supporting cast, Chris Pine was a delight to see onscreen bringing that whole modern Captain Kirk vibe to Steve Trevor’s character. And this movie alone could stomp on almost every other Marvel movie out there, as it effectively gave viewers a primary villain that has enough weight and background to it, as opposed to a disposable one that really can’t help but tell their oh so ingenious plans before getting their asses kicked.

              I have heard before that Wonder Woman is not unlike the first Captain America movie, and this honestly did not help me much to alleviate my skepticism then. I mean, come on, the first Captain America movie was enjoyable, but it wasn’t really that good. People who think that Wonder Woman is indeed like that are grossly understating how good the movie is. A better way to put it instead would be by saying that Wonder Woman is what the first Capt. America would have been if it was actually very, very good.   

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