This is a Job for Superman

This is a Job for Superman


Whenever you think of Superman, there are probably two words that come to mind: truth and justice. Hey, there used to be three there, too, with it being “the American Way,” but Superman finally decided to expand his demographic and revoke his U.S. citizenship half a decade or so ago. Still, it is those same two words that have become synonymous with the principles that the Man of Steel stands has, and continues to, stand for.

Action Comics 1

So, let’s look back a bit and see where the whole Kryptonian phenomenon started. The character had really started out as a novelty when you consider that it was rejected by a lot of publishers back then before eventually being picked up by National Comics (which would one day be DC comics). Plus, the fact that Superman’s creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster, were just a couple of boys from Cleveland that come from a working-class background just reinforces the Man of Steel’s whole humble background. A good half decade before Siegel and Schuster initially created what would become one of the most popular and iconic franchises in the world, in 1933, the two men were just out to make a buck out of their creation. By 1938, though, Superman will leap within the pages of Action Comics #1 and changing the world forever after that. Today, it is almost impossible to think that there are people who do not know the Superman character. And looking at it even more closely, it is pretty amusing to know that the Last Son of Krypton’s superstar status when it comes to other media goes a lot further than what Marvel Studios have done with their respective properties. That is, though, not to say that I’m taking sides here; I’m just stating some facts. When you consider it, Superman has starred in a whole lot of radio serials, cartoons, movies, and live-action TV series throughout its almost 8 decades of existence. And that does not even count the theater serials he has appeared in the early days. Even now, despite the heyday of Marvel in the big screen or Batman’s massive popularity within the DC roster, nobody can deny that Kal-El continues to be one of the driving forces both on and off the page. Yes, I will admit that Superman’s popularity has somewhat waned ever since the late 30s, but for a character that has been around this long, that is one gigantic feat that very few others can accomplish.

Many Looks of Superman

It’s really no question why Superman has lasted this long – and would probably last longer: the character has appeared in hundreds upon hundreds of immensely entertaining stories, not to mention that those hardcore fans of the property even view it less as a source of entertainment and more like a religion. That exactly more than warrants its numerous decades of being in the limelight. And if you’re wondering, no, Superman is not a character that will fade away; it’ll continue to be around as long as someone is inspired by those red, blue, and whites.  

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