What’s Really Going on with Batman’s Utility Belt?

What’s really going on with Batman’s utility belt?


Since the 1940’s we have seen Batman step up his game in terms of keeping up with technology, but what exactly is on his famous utility belt and what are their capabilities?

I’ve put together a few of my favourite trusty aids that have been featured in Batman’s previous appearances, although you may have your own favourites. Any batman groupie will have heard of these handy tools!

The Batarang


In my opinion this is probably one of the most well-known items Batman carries on him, it has taken many forms from the original comic series to the modern day Batarang we know such as a magnetic Batarang, a remote controlled Batarang, and even a computerized Batarang.

In this article however we’re not interested in the above, but instead looking at the capabilities of the heated Batarang.

In Gotham City Sirens # 24 there’s a notable appearance of the heated Batarang when Batman embarks on a faceoff with Clayface. Unlike a regular Batarang the heated version can reach near-volcanic temperatures, as anyone who know the characteristics of Clayface this means the Batarang can heat up Clayface’s muddy body and turn him into a more crumbly solid state.

The Batarang has also been known to be used on villains such as the notorious Mr Freeze and to thaw out his frozen victims.

Line launching device

There have been a variety of appearances of this device being equipped from Batman’s belt, for any novices out there who are yet to explore the various appearances of the Bat, this tool is essentially a mobile zip line.

When deployed, the device hooks onto a solid state structure such as a building from behind as well as in front of Batman, and Mr Wayne is then able to zip line across to where he needs to get to – this of course should not be confused with Batman’s grappling device.

The Batmobile Remote Control


Most of us would be happy with a device that simply unlocks our car, but that’s why Batman is that little bit more special!

Seeing appearances of batman speeding along is one thing, but being able to control his Batmobile along with its corresponding gadgets is another.

For the majority of appearances where we’ve seen the Batmobile remote in use, Batman has controlled the car via the remote using only his voice. In doing so he is able to call upon the empty car which normally appears within moments, as well as ordering the cars on board weapons system to fire rockets or use its built-in machine guns.

Smoke Pellets

Batman wouldn’t be nearly as memorable if he didn’t have his trusty smoke pellets at the ready via his utility belt, these little beauties should need no introduction as they are just what Batman uses to gain a clear advantage over his enemies.

The pellets release smoke which enables the Bat to get an edge of opponents or are often used as an escape technique.

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