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Winter has Come: What’s Going on with George R.R. Martin’s Fantasy Series

George R R Martin

              By now, it has become clear to hardcore fans and casual readers and viewers alike that fantasy writer George R.R. Martin’s issues with sticking to his deadlines when it  comes to the release of his books isn’t really a problem; it is now more like the norm. You know, it’s as natural as rain or gravity or something. Now, don’t get me wrong: I’m not here to write slag about George R.R. Martin. In truth, I pretty much agree with the guy’s process. After all, it’s better to have a long overdue book of great quality than have Mr. Martin put out crap after crap of installments just to stick to the deadline. Still, though, you can’t blame the fans for being overly eager – and sometimes insanely so – about the writer’s epic A Song of Ice and Fire series; that’s just the price you pay for being responsible for these wonderful stories. As such, I can’t deny that R.R. Martin himself has now reached a level that puts him among one of the greatest fantasy writers in history.

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However, to treat George R.R. Martin as simply one of the “greatest fantasy writers” just seems to undersell him. Yeah, the whole A Song of Ice and Fire saga has dragons, magic, swords, and sorcerers, but it doesn’t solely focus on those elements. What it does place front and center, though, are those more dramatic elements: webs of deceit and lies; intrigue, speculation, and mysteries; and of course, those moments and scenes that evoke a myriad emotions.  So, with all those important elements that make ASOIAF such a beautiful series, it is truly no wonder that a man even as talented as George R.R. Martin needs the time to make sure that any given installment is up to snuff.

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              Despite this, though, and at the risk of fan rage, I think I can say that there is indeed a possibility that the writer’s method of crafting his tales can negatively affect the book series when you consider that the grandiose and much acclaimed TV series by HBO is now way ahead in terms of the epic’s plot. Relax, though, and don’t just draw your swords and let loose your arrows just yet, nerds: I clearly said it’s a “possibility” and not a sure thing. And even if I’m right, it really won’t be much of a blow to George R.R. Martin. As you can see, his ASOIAF series was released a good decade or so before HBO’s multi-award winning series. During that span of time, the book series had already garnered a large following, not to mention some of the most dedicated fans out there. What HBO did, though, was break it out into the mainstream and make it reach a height that it had yet to reach at the time.  Truly, HBO’s efforts to bring the saga to the small screen made all the more epic. So, here’s to what will happen next in Westeros and the lands beyond!


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